The main vocabulary is based on a tree structure comprising codes of up to nine digits associated with a wording that describes the supplies, works or services forming the subject of the contract.


The numerical code consists of 8 digits, subdivided as follows:


—  The first two digits identify the divisions (XX000000-Y),

—  The first three digits identify the groups (XXX00000-Y),

—  The first four digits identify the classes (XXXX0000-Y),

—  The first five digits identify the categories (XXXXX000-Y).


Each of the last three digits gives a greater degree of precision within each category.


A ninth digit serves to verify the previous digits.



List of divisions and groups is below.



03000000-1 Agricultural, Farming, Fishing, Forestry And Related Products
03100000-2 Agricultural And Horticultural Products
03200000-3 Cereals, Potatoes, Vegetables, Fruits And Nuts
03300000-2 Farming, Hunting And Fishing Products
03400000-4 Forestry And Logging Products
09000000-3 Petroleum Products, Fuel, Electricity And Other Sources Of Energy
09100000-0 Fuels
09200000-1 Petroleum, Coal And Oil Products
09300000-2 Electricity, Heating, Solar And Nuclear Energy
14000000-1 Mining, Basic Metals And Related Products
14200000-3 Sand And Clay
14300000-4 Chemical And Fertiliser Minerals
14400000-5 Salt And Pure Sodium Chloride
14500000-6 Related Mining And Quarrying Products
14600000-7 Metal Ores And Alloys
14700000-8 Basic Metals
14800000-9 Miscellaneous Non-Metallic Mineral Products
14900000-0 Recovered Secondary Raw Materials
15000000-8 Food, Beverages, Tobacco And Related Products
15100000-9 Animal Products, Meat And Meat Products
15200000-0 Prepared And Preserved Fish
15300000-1 Fruit, Vegetables And Related Products
15400000-2 Animal Or Vegetable Oils And Fats
15500000-3 Dairy Products
15600000-4 Grain Mill Products, Starches And Starch Products
15700000-5 Animal Feedstuffs
15800000-6 Miscellaneous Food Products
15900000-7 Beverages, Tobacco And Related Products
16000000-5 Agricultural Machinery
16100000-6 Agricultural And Forestry Machinery For Soil Preparation Or Cultivation
16300000-8 Harvesting Machinery
16400000-9 Spraying Machinery For Agriculture Or Horticulture
16500000-0 Self-Loading Or Unloading Trailers And Semi-Trailers For Agriculture
16600000-1 Specialist Agricultural Or Forestry Machinery
16700000-2 Tractors
16800000-3 Parts Of Agricultural And Forestry Machinery
18000000-9 Clothing, Footwear, Luggage Articles And Accessories
18100000-0 Occupational Clothing, Special Workwear And Accessories
18200000-1 Outerwear
18300000-2 Garments
18400000-3 Special Clothing And Accessories
18500000-4 Jewellery, Watches And Related Articles
18600000-5 Furs And Articles Of Fur
18800000-7 Footwear
18900000-8 Luggage, Saddlery, Sacks And Bags
19000000-6 Leather And Textile Fabrics, Plastic And Rubber Materials
19100000-7 Leather
19200000-8 Textile Fabrics And Related İtems
19400000-0 Textile Yarn And Thread
19500000-1 Rubber And Plastic Materials
19600000-2 Leather, Textile, Rubber And Plastic Waste
19700000-3 Synthetic Rubber And Fibres
22000000-0 Printed Matter And Related Products
22100000-1 Printed Books, Brochures And Leaflets
22200000-2 Newspapers, Journals, Periodicals And Magazines
22300000-3 Postcards, Greeting Cards And Other Printed Matter
22400000-4 Stamps, Cheque Forms, Banknotes, Stock Certificates, Trade Advertising Material, Catalogues And Manuals
22500000-5 Printing Plates Or Cylinders Or Other Media For Use İn Printing
22600000-6 Ink
22800000-8 Paper Or Paperboard Registers, Account Books, Binders, Forms And Other Articles Of Printed Stationery
22900000-9 Miscellaneous Printed Matter
24000000-4 Chemical Products
24100000-5 Gases
24200000-6 Dyes And Pigments
24300000-7 Basic İnorganic And Organic Chemicals
24400000-8 Fertilisers And Nitrogen Compounds
24500000-9 Plastics İn Primary Forms
24600000-0 Explosives
24900000-3 Fine And Various Chemical Products
30000000-9 Office And Computing Machinery, Equipment And Supplies Except Furniture And Software Packages
30100000-0 Office Machinery, Equipment And Supplies Except Computers, Printers And Furniture
30200000-1 Computer Equipment And Supplies
31000000-6 Electrical Machinery, Apparatus, Equipment And Consumables; Lighting
31100000-7 Electric Motors, Generators And Transformers
31200000-8 Electricity Distribution And Control Apparatus
31300000-9 Insulated Wire And Cable
31400000-0 Accumulators, Primary Cells And Primary Batteries
31500000-1 Lighting Equipment And Electric Lamps
31600000-2 Electrical Equipment And Apparatus
31700000-3 Electronic, Electromechanical And Electrotechnical Supplies
32000000-3 Radio, Television, Communication, Telecommunication And Related Equipment
32200000-5 Transmission Apparatus For Radiotelephony, Radiotelegraphy, Radio Broadcasting And Television
32300000-6 Television And Radio Receivers, And Sound Or Video Recording Or Reproducing Apparatus
32400000-7 Networks
32500000-8 Telecommunications Equipment And Supplies
33000000-0 Medical Equipments, Pharmaceuticals And Personal Care Products
33100000-1 Medical Equipments
33600000-6 Pharmaceutical Products
33700000-7 Personal Care Products
33900000-9 Post-Mortem And Mortuary Equipment And Supplies
34000000-7 Transport Equipment And Auxiliary Products To Transportation
34100000-8 Motor Vehicles
34200000-9 Vehicle Bodies, Trailers Or Semi-Trailers
34300000-0 Parts And Accessories For Vehicles And Their Engines
34400000-1 Motorcycles, Bicycles And Sidecars
34500000-2 Ships And Boats
34600000-3 Railway And Tramway Locomotives And Rolling Stock And Associated Parts
34700000-4 Aircraft And Spacecraft
34900000-6 Miscellaneous Transport Equipment And Spare Parts
35000000-4 Security, Fire-Fighting, Police And Defence Equipment
35100000-5 Emergency And Security Equipment
35200000-6 Police Equipment
35300000-7 Weapons, Ammunition And Associated Parts
35400000-8 Military Vehicles And Associated Parts
35500000-9 Warships And Associated Parts
35600000-0 Military Aircrafts, Missiles And Spacecrafts
35700000-1 Military Electronic Systems
35800000-2 Individual And Support Equipment
37000000-8 Musical İnstruments, Sport Goods, Games, Toys, Handicraft, Art Materials And Accessories
37300000-1 Musical İnstruments And Parts
37400000-2 Sports Goods And Equipment
37500000-3 Games And Toys; Fairground Amusements
37800000-6 Handicraft And Art Supplies
38000000-5 Laboratory, Optical And Precision Equipments (Excl. Glasses)
38100000-6 Navigational And Meteorological İnstruments
38200000-7 Geological And Geophysical İnstruments
38300000-8 Measuring İnstruments
38400000-9 Instruments For Checking Physical Characteristics
38500000-0 Checking And Testing Apparatus
38600000-1 Optical İnstruments
38700000-2 Time Registers And The Like; Parking Meters
38800000-3 Industrial Process Control Equipment And Remote-Control Equipment
38900000-4 Miscellaneous Evaluation Or Testing İnstruments
39000000-2 Furniture (İncl. Office Furniture), Furnishings, Domestic Appliances (Excl. Lighting) And Cleaning Products
39100000-3 Furniture
39200000-4 Furnishing
39300000-5 Miscellaneous Equipment
39500000-7 Textile Articles
39700000-9 Domestic Appliances
39800000-0 Cleaning And Polishing Products
41000000-9 Collected And Purified Water
41100000-0 Natural Water
42000000-6 Industrial Machinery
42100000-0 Machinery For The Production And Use Of Mechanical Power
42200000-8 Machinery For Food, Beverage And Tobacco Processing And Associated Parts
42300000-9 Industrial Or Laboratory Furnaces, İncinerators And Ovens
42400000-0 Lifting And Handling Equipment And Parts
42500000-1 Cooling And Ventilation Equipment
42600000-2 Machine Tools
42700000-3 Machinery For Textile, Apparel And Leather Production
42800000-4 Machinery For Paper Or Paperboard Production
42900000-5 Miscellaneous General And Special-Purpose Machinery
43000000-3 Machinery For Mining, Quarrying, Construction Equipment
43100000-4 Mining Equipment
43200000-5 Earthmoving And Excavating Machinery, And Associated Parts
43300000-6 Construction Machinery And Equipment
43400000-7 Mineral-Processing And Foundry Mould-Forming Machinery
43500000-8 Track-Laying Vehicles
43600000-9 Parts Of Machinery For Mining, Quarrying And Construction
43700000-0 Machinery For Metallurgy And Associated Parts
43800000-1 Workshop Equipment
44000000-0 Construction Structures And Materials; Auxiliary Products To Construction (Except Electric Apparatus)
44100000-1 Construction Materials And Associated İtems
44200000-2 Structural Products
44300000-3 Cable, Wire And Related Products
44400000-4 Miscellaneous Fabricated Products And Related İtems
44500000-5 Tools, Locks, Keys, Hinges, Fasteners, Chain And Springs
44600000-6 Tanks, Reservoirs And Containers; Central-Heating Radiators And Boilers
44800000-8 Paints, Varnishes And Mastics
44900000-9 Stone For Construction, Limestone, Gypsum And Slate
45000000-7 Construction Work
45100000-8 Site Preparation Work
45200000-9 Works For Complete Or Part Construction And Civil Engineering Work
45300000-0 Building İnstallation Work
45400000-1 Building Completion Work
45500000-2 Hire Of Construction And Civil Engineering Machinery And Equipment With Operator
48000000-8 Software Package And İnformation Systems
48100000-9 Industry Specific Software Package
48200000-0 Networking, Internet And İntranet Software Package
48300000-1 Document Creation, Drawing, İmaging, Scheduling And Productivity Software Package
48400000-2 Business Transaction And Personal Business Software Package
48500000-3 Communication And Multimedia Software Package
48600000-4 Database And Operating Software Package
48700000-5 Software Package Utilities
48800000-6 Information Systems And Servers
48900000-7 Miscellaneous Software Package And Computer Systems
50000000-5 Repair And Maintenance Services
50100000-6 Repair, Maintenance And Associated Services Of Vehicles And Related Equipment
50200000-7 Repair, Maintenance And Associated Services Related To Aircraft, Railways, Roads And Marine Equipment
50300000-8 Repair, Maintenance And Associated Services Related To Personal Computers, Office Equipment, Telecommunications And Audio-Visual Equipment
50400000-9 Repair And Maintenance Services Of Medical And Precision Equipment
50500000-0 Repair And Maintenance Services For Pumps, Valves, Taps And Metal Containers And Machinery
50600000-1 Repair And Maintenance Services Of Security And Defence Materials
50700000-2 Repair And Maintenance Services Of Building İnstallations
50800000-3 Miscellaneous Repair And Maintenance Services
51000000-9 Installation Services (Except Software)
51100000-3 Installation Services Of Electrical And Mechanical Equipment
51200000-4 Installation Services Of Equipment For Measuring, Checking, Testing And Navigating
51300000-5 Installation Services Of Communications Equipment
51400000-6 Installation Services Of Medical And Surgical Equipment
51500000-7 Installation Services Of Machinery And Equipment
51600000-8 Installation Services Of Computers And Office Equipment
51700000-9 Installation Services Of Fire Protection Equipment
51800000-0 Installation Services Of Metal Containers
51900000-1 Installation Services Of Guidance And Control Systems
55000000-0 Hotel, Restaurant And Retail Trade Services
55100000-1 Hotel Services
55200000-2 Camping Sites And Other Non-Hotel Accommodation
55300000-3 Restaurant And Food-Serving Services
55400000-4 Beverage-Serving Services
55500000-5 Canteen And Catering Services
55900000-9 Retail Trade Services
60000000-8 Transport Services (Excl. Waste Transport)
60100000-9 Road Transport Services
60200000-0 Railway Transport Services
60300000-1 Pipeline Transport Services
60400000-2 Air Transport Services
60500000-3 Space Transport Services
60600000-4 Water Transport Services
63000000-9 Supporting And Auxiliary Transport Services; Travel Agencies Services
63100000-0 Cargo Handling And Storage Services
63500000-4 Travel Agency, Tour Operator And Tourist Assistance Services
63700000-6 Support Services For Land, Water And Air Transport
64000000-6 Postal And Telecommunications Services
64100000-7 Post And Courier Services
64200000-8 Telecommunications Services
65000000-3 Public Utilities
65100000-4 Water Distribution And Related Services
65200000-5 Gas Distribution And Related Services
65300000-6 Electricity Distribution And Related Services
65400000-7 Other Sources Of Energy Supplies And Distribution
65500000-8 Meter Reading Service
66000000-0 Financial And İnsurance Services
66100000-1 Banking And İnvestment Services
66500000-5 Insurance And Pension Services
66600000-6 Treasury Services
66700000-7 Reinsurance Services
70000000-1 Real Estate Services
70100000-2 Real Estate Services With Own Property
70200000-3 Renting Or Leasing Services Of Own Property
70300000-4 Real Estate Agency Services On A Fee Or Contract Basis
71000000-8 Architectural, Construction, Engineering And İnspection Services
71200000-0 Architectural And Related Services
71300000-1 Engineering Services
71400000-2 Urban Planning And Landscape Architectural Services
71500000-3 Construction-Related Services
71600000-4 Technical Testing, Analysis And Consultancy Services
71700000-5 Monitoring And Control Services
71800000-6 Consulting Services For Water-Supply And Waste Consultancy
71900000-7 Laboratory Services
72000000-5 It Services: Consulting, Software Development, Internet And Support
72100000-6 Hardware Consultancy Services
72200000-7 Software Programming And Consultancy Services
72300000-8 Data Services
72400000-4 Internet Services
72500000-0 Computer-Related Services
72600000-6 Computer Support And Consultancy Services
72700000-7 Computer Network Services
72800000-8 Computer Audit And Testing Services
72900000-9 Computer Back-Up And Catalogue Conversion Services
73000000-2 Research And Development Services And Related Consultancy Services
73100000-3 Research And Experimental Development Services
73200000-4 Research And Development Consultancy Services
73300000-5 Design And Execution Of Research And Development
73400000-6 Research And Development Services On Security And Defence Materials
75000000-6 Administration, Defence And Social Security Services
75100000-7 Administration Services
75200000-8 Provision Of Services To The Community
75300000-9 Compulsory Social Security Services
76000000-3 Services Related To The Oil And Gas İndustry
76100000-4 Professional Services For The Gas İndustry
76200000-5 Professional Services For The Oil İndustry
76300000-6 Drilling Services
76400000-7 Rig-Positioning Services
76500000-8 Onshore And Offshore Services
76600000-9 Pipeline-İnspection Services
77000000-0 Agricultural, Forestry, Horticultural, Aquacultural And Apicultural Services
77100000-1 Agricultural Services
77200000-2 Forestry Services
77300000-3 Horticultural Services
77400000-4 Zoological Services
77500000-5 Animal Husbandry Services
77600000-6 Hunting Services
77700000-7 Services İncidental To Fishing
77800000-8 Aquaculture Services
77900000-9 Apiculture Services
79000000-4 Business Services: Law, Marketing, Consulting, Recruitment, Printing And Security
79100000-5 Legal Services
79200000-6 Accounting, Auditing And Fiscal Services
79300000-7 Market And Economic Research; Polling And Statistics
79400000-8 Business And Management Consultancy And Related Services
79500000-9 Office-Support Services
79600000-0 Recruitment Services
79700000-1 Investigation And Security Services
79800000-2 Printing And Related Services
79900000-3 Miscellaneous Business And Business-Related Services
80000000-4 Education And Training Services
80100000-5 Primary Education Services
80200000-6 Secondary Education Services
80300000-7 Higher Education Services
80400000-8 Adult And Other Education Services
80500000-9 Training Services
80600000-0 Training Services İn Defence And Security Materials
85000000-9 Health And Social Work Services
85100000-0 Health Services
85200000-1 Veterinary Services
85300000-2 Social Work And Related Services
90000000-7 Sewage, Refuse, Cleaning And Environmental Services
90400000-1 Sewage Services
90500000-2 Refuse And Waste Related Services
90600000-3 Cleaning And Sanitation Services İn Urban Or Rural Areas, And Related Services
90700000-4 Environmental Services
90900000-6 Cleaning And Sanitation Services
92000000-1 Recreational, Cultural And Sporting Services
92100000-2 Motion Picture And Video Services
92200000-3 Radio And Television Services
92300000-4 Entertainment Services
92400000-5 News-Agency Services
92500000-6 Library, Archives, Museums And Other Cultural Services
92600000-7 Sporting Services
92700000-8 Cybercafé Services
98000000-3 Other Community, Social And Personal Services
98100000-4 Membership Organisation Services
98200000-5 Equal Opportunities Consultancy Services
98300000-6 Miscellaneous Services
98500000-8 Private Households With Employed Persons
98900000-2 Services Provided By Extra-Territorial Organisations And Bodies